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“Walk while ye have the light, lest darkness come upon you.”
St. John, 12:35

“Know thou that the darkness of the earth is ruddy, and the darkness of the air is grey, but darkness of the soul is utter blackness”
Aleister Crowley – The Vision and the Voice (The Cry of the 14th AEthyr)

The end of the World. And the Beginning?

About Character Creation House Rules
Credits Frequently Asked Questions Chat Etiquette
ObsidianPortal Rules Beginner’s Guide Experience Points
San Augustin
History Life
The Timucua Places to Be
1st Spanish Period Politics
British Period Mortals of Note
2nd Spanish Period Arts & Culture
Confederate Occupation Corporate Influence
U.S. Purchase to Present Rumors & Influence
Setting Information: San Augustin
Theme & Mood What drives stories set in the Old City.
Kindred History The past intrigues of the New Orleans Camarilla laid bare.
Laws & Customs The mores to which San Augustin’s inhabitants adhere.
Edicts of the Prince.
The Traditions.
Glossary Lingo used by locals, both Kindred & Kine.
Covenants The City’s political factions & how they relate… and don’t.
Geography How the Kindred carved up the Old City.
The Damned A roster of San Augustin’s kindred.
Those Who Serve Ghouls – half-damned thralls enslaved by addiction & adoration.
The Unseen The spirits & other intermediaries between this world and the next.
The Kine No less important than the Damned, and far more numerous.
Demographics History and national origins of San Augustin’s populace.
Setting Information: The World of Darkness
Gothic-Punk The mood and ambiance of the World of Darkness.
Camarilla Etiquette & Titles The convoluted hierarchy & social dynamics of the Camarilla.
Feeding Feudalism The neo-feudal system by which Kindred claim hunting territory.
Prestation The system of owed favors used as currency among the Damned.
The Spirit World An umbral reflection of our world, where spirits dwell.
Kindred Lineages The vaunted ancestry of the Kindred elite.
Game Mechanics
Declaration & Setup Systems by which players rewrite elements of the game setting.
Banes Personalized curses & weaknesses the Kindred labor under.
Dramatic Systems Rules for common scenarios that may come up.
House Rules Changes to the Storytelling System’s rules.
Merits List Allowed & altered Merits within the game.
Paths of Enlightenment Alternative moral codes to Humanity.
Persistent Conditions Dramatic complications PCs are rewarded for facing.
Character Creation Quickstart How to create a PC for Blood in the Water.
Player FAQ A primer for the game for new players and answers to questions raised.
Player Resources Links to rule books and other resources we use to play the game.
Macguffins, Plothooks, & Red Herrings
The Darkling Hound Golconda
The Clockwork Dream The Danforth Archive
The Red Forge The Terminus
Hallowed Ground The Galilee Codex
The Veiled Passage
Blood in the Water: San Augustin by Night
Chapter One Chapter One Title Chapter One Synopsis
Chapter Two Chapter Two Title Chapter Two Synopsis
Chapter Three Chapter Three Title Chapter Three Synopsis
Chapter Four Chapter Four Title Chapter Four Synopsis
Chapter Five Chapter Five Title Chapter Five Synopsis
The San Augustin Record
Locations of Interest in Florida
Locations of Interest in St. Augustine
Kindred Factions
Kine Factions
History of San Augustine
The Flame Crusade
The Traditions of Caine
The Nosferatu Network



Kindred Society
Camarilla Anarchs
Independents Sabbat
The Prince’s Household The Council
External Influences Coteries of Note
The Clans
The Others
Garou Ghouls
Faeries Mages
Misc. Wraiths
Relics & Rituals
Relics Artifacts
Rituals Magic

Political Map of Florida.

Political Map of San Augustin.

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