Geneologie Vampyre

Name Gen Age Sex Sire (Date) Progeny (Date)
Haqim 3 10,015 Male En’osh / Enoch (8,000BCE) Unknown Assamite
Ur Shulgi (2050BCE)
Unknown Assamite 4 ? Male? Haqim Tegyrius (330BCE)
ur-Shulgi 4 4,065 Male Haqim (2050BCE) Al-Ashrad (100CE)
Mancheaka 4 ? Female Haqim (?)
Sha’hiri 4 3,508 Male Haqim (1493BCE) Thetmes (25BCE)
Jamal 4 1,998 Male Haqim (17CE)
Azif 5 1667 Male Mancheaka (368BCE) Fariq (392CE
Tegyrius 5 2,345 Male The Unknown (330BCE)
Thetmes 5 2,040 Male Sha’hiri (25BCE) Elijah Ahmed (7th Century)
Fatima Al-Faqadi (1102)
Wasim 5 ? Male Unknown Karif al-Numair (717CE)

Wasim <5> Sire of Karif al-Numair (717).


Nothing is known of Azif, except that he was Sire of Fariq in the 4th Century BCE.



The tale of Haqim’s embrace has been told many times, and with many variations. He is said in one tale to have been embraced with the blood of the King and Queen of Nod. Also said to be a great warrior in life, but dedicated himself to scholarship as he grew older, and learned to speak and write the language of the dead.

Haqim earned the attention of one of the Childer of Caine, and he was Embraced. He dwelt in the Second City, though he never settled there – and he remained neutral to the quarrels of his brothers, his sisters, and cousins.

The sister of Haqim was Arikel, mother of the Clan of Blossom. His brothers were known as the Serpent, Set, and the Sage, Malkav.

It came to pass that the other Antediluvians came to Haqim and pleaded with him to create a “Second Family” in order to judge and control their rebellious Childer.

Named Hunter, then Judge. Assam is a mispronunciation of Haqim, though Haqim was not his true name. He last visited Alamut in 68BCE. He appeared in Antioch one century later; and was seen in the British Isles in 121CE, engaged in philosophical conversations with the Ventrue Mithras.



The Old Man of the Mountain, Master of the Assamites, Jamal was slain by ur-Shulgi. Throughout the Holy Wars which were fought over the Holy Land, the name of the Hashashiyyin was a name of Dread. Of all the Hashashiyyin, no name was greater or more terrible than that of Jamal. It is whispered that he has been defeated only once, by the Inconnu Drakulya, and that the previous Master invited his challenge after the shame of the Convention of Thorns in 1493, charging him to guard the Rafiq and bring them through the Hijra so that they might avenge themselves of the Curse.

Some say that he is of the Unconquered, and some that he walks but two paces behind the Ancestor. All know that he has been challenged by three times and remained Master until he death at the hands of ur-Shulgi.



Eldest Childe of Haqim at the time of the Second Baali Conflict. She met her final death in battle.



Known as “the Old Man of the Mountain,” Sha’hiri was Master of the Assamites before Jamal; though he invited Jamal’s challenge after the shame of the Convention of Thorns in 1493.



Tegyrius is the current Vizier, and has held the title for three consecutive terms, as well as one in the 14th century. Tegyrius followed Al-Ashrad into exile to escape ur-Shulgi. One of the favorites to be appointed the first Assamite Justicar.



The Caliph of Alamut, Thetmes began as a soldier, fighting for the boy-king Ptolemy against his sister Cleopatra and her Roman minions. When Ptolemy fell, it pleased the barbarian Antonius to have his followers fight each other in the arena; providing sport for a nervous populace, as well as saving the trouble and expense of mass executions.

Thetmes fought for his life, and the Romans were impressed. Antonius took him to Rome, where he was sold and became a gladiator. A few months later, his retirement was announced and he returned to Alamut where he is now the Caliph and oversees the training of the Fida’i.

Thetmes is a stern master and a word of praise from him is hard-earned. All Rafiq look up to him and would sacrifice themselves without hesitation upon his command.

Thetmes is the progeny of Sha’hiri, and the Sire of Elijah Ahmed in the 7th Century, and Fatima Al-Faqadi in 1102CE.


Unknown Assamite

The First Progeny of Haqim was a scribe and astronomer who was accused of heresy & sentenced to Death by Stoning. He was saved by the Embrace of Haqim during one of the Ancients wanderings outside the Second City.



The Second Childe of Haqim was the Akkadian King of the 3rd Dynasty of Ur. He was Shepherd of the Assamite Clan, recently reawakened from 18 centuries of torpor, and shattered the Tremere Blood Curse shortly thereafter.


Geneologie Vampyre

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