79 San Marcos

Bar 79

Located at 79 San Marcos Avenue, Bar 79 is an out-of-the-way Elysium, which – surprisingly – is not often frequented by the Kindred of San Augustin. Bar 79 is a well-appointed little bar, suited for the well-to-do of San Augustin, and run by the enigmatic Don Alumbrados.

Bar 79 offers five-star food and drinks in a beautiful, open setting – including a spacious and private patio, which is separated from the street by high walls and lush vegetation. Senor Alumbrados himself is found on the premises nightly, often mingling with his guests, and sharing in their stories and – when appropriate – their revelry.

There are three levels to the building at 79 San Marcos. The first floor, including the patio, is the main bar, which is open to the public. The high-end price scale at Bar 79 tends to keep the tourists at bay, but the wealthy, older locals of North San Augustin (and Abbotville in particular) frequent the establishment.

The second floor is only slightly more exclusive – and even then, only because the stairwell is not easily discovered unless one is actively searching for it. While there is food available in the bar below, the second floor is laid out more like a restaurant, with comfortable tables and chairs, a mini-bar, and the kitchen.

The Bar at Bar 79

The Bar 79 Patio

79 San Marcos

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