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  • Aggro

    Almost universally despised in the Prince’s Court, Agro revels in violence and bloodshed, often stirring up trouble simply so that he can stand by and watch.

    Despised by the Prince’s …

  • Brian Arshire

    The twin of Brigitte, Brian Arshire is a poet and a scholar, but also a prophet and an accomplished archer.

    Brian has _Tenurial Domain_ in the Colleges, both [[Flagler University]] and …

  • Brigitte Arshire

    A hunter, and something of a wild-child. Brigette Arshire is the Alpha Gangrel.

    Brigitte prowls the outskirts of town and considers herself an ally to the animals. Brigitte can often …

  • Cassidy Ferrer

    The Childe of Juno Queneau, Cassidy has been lame since childhood and cannot walk without aid - usually in the form of his crutches, though he sometimes uses a wheelchair.

    Cassidy is a …

  • Don Celio Pena de Oviedo

    The unchallenged ruler of San Augustin since its founding. Don Celio was Embraced by Titanus Kronos, and is a Spaniard who came with the original expedition to the Americas, and had some experience exploring the New World …

  • Galen Asa

    Galen Asa is a doctor working at (and who originally built) Flagler Hospital.

    Metro Angels (and it's Campus - which overlaps with the Brian Arshire's Domain of the Asa School of Medicine …

  • Fable Caron

    p. *Quote.*

    _Our purpose is not solely to rule, but to guide and steer. We cannot simply "get by." We must use these gifts to better the world around us - whether through our art, our actions, or the way we lead those …

  • Forrest Garvan

    A wild, little Gangrel, Forrest loves hunting, keeps a flock of sheep and listens to rustic music from bygone days. He also keeps a bevvy of beautiful female servants he calls his "Nymphos."

  • Juno Queneau

    Also sired by Titanus Kronos, Juno Queneau is the wife of Prince Celio. She first came to the new world - and to San Augustin - with the Huguenot pilgrims, and was embraced by Kronos at the behest of Celio, who was …

  • Katungi

    [[File:522183 | class=media-item-align-right | Dread Katungi of the Undercity]]

    Nosferatu lord of the Undercity, and source of the infamous, rumored "Gatorman." Katungi serves as Nosferatu Primogen, but derides the …

  • Megali

    The wife of Varun Apalala, Megali spends most of her time on the boats in the Intercoastal, or with the sailors and fishermen at one of San Augustin's many seaside bars.

  • Minerva Weaver

    The Intellectual childe of Celio Pena, Minerva was one of the first female Marines, and police detective who was being groomed by Don Celio for the embrace. In an act of open rebellion and defiance, the Brujah _Dogg Style_ …

  • Noam Benjamen

    A lover of music, and drama, and a connoisseur of mortal passions, Noam is Toreador through and through. He is a lover of Kine and Kindred alike; but he's also one of the most vicious Harpies.

  • Olathe

    The wife of Cassidy Ferrer, though something of an adulteress (including a well-known dalliance with [[:aggro | Aggro]]).

    Olathe would be Toreador Primogen if she hadn't - for her own …

  • Persephone

    The biological daughter of Zyta Ceres, Persephone was embraced by [[:katungi | Katungi]], and is blood-bound to him. She rarely comes up from the Undercity, where she cares for a large homeless population that also serves …

  • Shaye Falcon

    A mystic - practitioner and aficionado of all magic - Shay's priorities tend to focus on the study of, and acquisition of magical power.

    Shay is the ruler of the Clan Tremere in San …

  • Varun Apalala

    *Poseidon.* * His portents are the Horse, Bull, Dolphin, and Trident. * Varun actually lives *in* the Sound (in a cave beneath the water of [[Massacre Bay]].

  • Vesta

    [[:celio-pena | Don Celio's]] Seneschal, Vesta serves as a sort of cross-clan whip, seeking to maintain a harmony between the city's clans and coteries.

  • Zyta Ceres

    A gardener and botanist, Zyta takes pride in the flora of the area, and is responsible for many of the city's large greenhouses.From the way she carries herself, and the sheer power of …