Tag: Ghoul


  • Bia

    Prince Celio’s personal assistant is the personification of violence. Despite her effectiveness, however, she is despised by the Prince’s wife, Juno – and when the two of them are together, Bia spends her time “guarding” the …

  • Ciro Aeolus

    Ciro Aeolus runs a large farm in Palatka, Florida, where Kindred on the lamb can run and hide - for the price of a little Vitae. His six sons and daughters are inter-married, and he has a couple-dozen grandchildren. Ciro's …

  • Deimos and Phobos

    These two are the twin ghouls of the Gangrel, Aggro, and at least half the reason he is so disliked by the Kindred of San Augustin.

  • Monday Aysel

    The personal servant of Celio Pena and Juno Queneau (Celio refers to her as his "cup bearer"), Monday is ever-present whenever the pair of them are together. Quiet and unobtrusive, Monday is typically regarded by the …

  • Neil "the Hound" Turner

    _Hound_ is the right-hand servant of Minerva Weaver - Sheriff of San Augustin.

    A formerly independent Ghoul, Hound took the identity of Neil Turner in order to court the Sheriff, and has …

  • Don Pedro Menendez de Aviles

    Don Pedro is slow to trust, and even slower to laugh. He is a devout Catholic through and through - only his loyalty to his master, Titanus Kronos, trumps his obedience, and loyalty, to the Church.