Tag: Gangrel


  • Aggro

    Almost universally despised in the Prince’s Court, Agro revels in violence and bloodshed, often stirring up trouble simply so that he can stand by and watch.

    Despised by the Prince’s …

  • Brigitte Arshire

    A hunter, and something of a wild-child. Brigette Arshire is the Alpha Gangrel.

    Brigitte prowls the outskirts of town and considers herself an ally to the animals. Brigitte can often …

  • Deimos and Phobos

    These two are the twin ghouls of the Gangrel, Aggro, and at least half the reason he is so disliked by the Kindred of San Augustin.

  • Forrest Garvan

    A wild, little Gangrel, Forrest loves hunting, keeps a flock of sheep and listens to rustic music from bygone days. He also keeps a bevvy of beautiful female servants he calls his "Nymphos."