Varun Apalala

It's the hideous Fish-Man. This thing just breathes ugly. Also, he smells of brine and sewage.


Varun and Don Celio are good friends – better probably than most Kindred think is proper – their friendship is almost human. He is shares a Sire with Katungi, and shares his bed with Megali, though he may not be exactly faithful in her eyes.

Varun is a Hindi immigrant, who owns Apalala Grocery in Little Delhi – his Tenurial Domain, which consists of the Eastern end of Lincolnville out into Massacre Bay, and the Docks on the facing shore of Anastasia Island.

He also claims the entirety of the local water as his demesne, but no one really takes that part seriously. Rumor has it that Varun’s haven is somewhere beneath the Intercoastal waterway.



  • His portents are the Horse, Bull, Dolphin, and Trident.
  • Varun actually lives in the Sound (in a cave beneath the water of Massacre Bay.

Varun Apalala

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