Mercurio Dysmas

Confident, obviously perceptive, and a little bit greasy, Mercurio looks like a man who can get things done.


Messenger, Businessman, Procurer of Hard-to-Find Items, Thief – Mercurio is all things to all people – though his first loyalty is always to Don Celio, and he makes no effort to disguise it.

Mercurio is nevertheless, a ghoul of terrible importance to the Kindred of San Augustin. Bound by blood to the Prince, Mercurio works for blood, when his price becomes too high for traditional remuneration; and since he offers no pretense about his abject loyalty to the Prince, while remaining a consummate businessman, most Kindred view Mercurio as a valued asset to the city.

Mercurio’s biological son is Forrest Garvan (his mother’s name) – a Gangrel. While Mercurio and Forrest’s relationship is amicable, the ghoul refuses to do business with Aggro – the Kindred who embraced his son.


Mercurio Dysmas

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