Neil "the Hound" Turner

Tall and strong, with long dreadlocks and a disarming smile.


He smiles way too easily and way too often for a guy who’s supposed to have done all the things they say about him.


Hound is the right-hand servant of Minerva Weaver – Sheriff of San Augustin.

A formerly independent Ghoul, Hound took the identity of Neil Turner in order to court the Sheriff, and has intentionally bonded himself to her; but he is older than most of the Kindred in San Augustin.

Hound has spent most of his life training to fight and defend the Kindred who hire him. In these nights, he executes his duties as the Sheriff’s Hound with ruthless efficiency, despite his tendency to crack jokes and make fun of otherwise tense situations.

Neil "the Hound" Turner

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