Cassidy Ferrer

An unassuming man who tries to hide the fact that he has a chip on his shoulder. He props himself up with the pair or crutches that are his constant companion.


The Childe of Juno Queneau, Cassidy has been lame since childhood and cannot walk without aid – usually in the form of his crutches, though he sometimes uses a wheelchair.

Cassidy is a ludicrously talented metalsmith, craftsman, and artisan, who was embraced by Juno to spite the Toreador who had targeted him. His Metal Shop is located on Anastasia Island, and is frequented by Kindred & Kine alike.

He spent quite a bit of time traveling abroad, as he was exiled by Juno for some trespass that hasn’t been made public.

Cassidy is the NRA of the Vampire World in San Augustin. He owns controlling interest in every gun, surplus, and hunting pro shop in the city, ans his own Vulcan Arms is based in the city.

Though nothing has been officially declared, Ferrer has an unspoken dominion over the weapons trade in San Augustin and its environs.

Cassidy Ferrer

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