San Augustin - the University

Welcome to San Augustin, oldest city in North America – built on the remains of the Timucuan Village of Seloy, and dating back nearly 4,000 years. First discovered by Europeans in 1513, when Don Juan Ponce de Leon first set foot in the land of La Florida in search of the mythical Fountain of Youth.

In the 500 years since, San Augustin has grown into a small metropolis. The Oldest City, the First Coast, the Capital of Florida, San Augustin is the tourist destination for the wealthy elite of the 19th Century onward, and eventually served as the hub of centralized capitalism in the Southern United States.

Here we find an unusual mix of Old-World charm and Big City Dreams – where 16th-Century Coquina architecture cuts a swath through 21st-Century Steel & Glass. Horse-drawn carriages still carry visitors to San Augustin along the romanticized bayfront, and high-tech trams shuttle tourists through tours of the Ancient City, while high in the skyscrapers above, corporate jockeys vie for power.

San Augustin is a collage of old and new – a clash of charm and efficiency; and the home of its own fair share of supernatural monsters. For high in the penthouses of the Spanish Quarter, and holed up in the ancient stone edifices from days long gone – San Augustin’s true rulers stalk the night, govern their domains, and wrestle for power and prestige in a City uniquely suited for the American Kindred.

San Augustin Masquerade

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